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True Trident Leather is leather bags manufacturer in India and women leather handbags manufacturer in India. We design and manufacture one of the finest collections of leather bags which are truly amazing. Our craftsmen manufacture leather bags from the best quality of leather which makes all leather bags and handbags more durable and dimensionally accurate. As leather bag makers and leather handbag makers, we use premium grade raw materials which provide our leather bags lustrous shine and fascinating designs that attract a huge number of buyers from different parts of the world. Our leather products manufacturing factory goal is to manufacture high premium quality leather bags and leather handbags with 100% export capacity.

Different Styles of Leather Bag and Leather Handbag

Leather Laptop Bag

Laptop Bag


Messenger Bag

Leather Satchel Bag

Satchel Bag

Leather Briefcase


Leather Fanny Pack

Fanny Pack

Leather Shoulder Bags

Shoulder Bag

Leather Tote Bags

Tote Bag

Leather Hobo Bags

Hobo Bag


Saddle Bag

Leather Bucket Bag

Bucket Bag

Leather Fringe Bags

Fringe Bag

Leather Backpacks


Leather Rucksack


Leather Sling Backpack

Sling Backpack


Drawstring Backpack

Leather Duffle Bag

Duffle Bag


Trolley Bag

Leather Doctor Bag

Doctor Bag

At True Trident Leather, we fulfil our client’s requirements through Private Label Leather Bags Manufacturing and Custom Leather Bags Manufacturing which provides flexibility to customize leather bags according to their design. And also, for leather handbags, we offer Private Label Leather Handbags Manufacturing and Custom Leather Handbags Manufacturing services. We are India’s leading custom made leather bags manufacturer and custom made leather handbags manufacturer because the products offered by us are known in the market for their superior finish and affordable rates because we manufacture premium as well as the economical range of leather bags.

Collection of Men Leather Bags







Leather Bags Design BAM004


Leather Bags Design BAM005


Leather Bag Design BAM006


Leather Bag Design BAM007


Leather Bag Design BAM008


Leather Bag Design BAM009


Leather Bag Design BAM010


Leather Bag Design BAM011




Collection of Women Leather Bags

Leather Bag Designs BAW001


Leather Bag Designs BAW002








Leather Bag Designs BAW006


Leather Bag Designs BAW007


Leather Bag Designs BAW008




Leather Bag Designs BAW010




Leather Bag Design BAW012


Collection of Leather Backpacks and Travel Bags

Leather Bag Design BTB001


Leather Bag Design BTB002


Leather Bag Design BTB003


Leather Bag Design BTB004


Leather Bag Design BTB005


Leather Bag Designs BTB006




Leather Bag Design BTB008


Leather Bag Design BTB009


Leather Bag Designs BTB010






Quality, proper work ethics, and competitive pricing are the principles which makes True Trident Leather the best leather bags manufacturer and leather handbags manufacturer due to which True Trident Leather is the preferred choice in the leather bag manufacturing industry. Apart from having extensive leather industry experience, we have the unique reach of leather products design experts who help our clients to design leather bags and handbags which is according to their expectations. As leather bag makers and handbag makers, we help our clients at every step from the concept of a bags design to the prototyping to the mass production.

Leather bags makers

As the leading leather bags manufacturer and leather handbags manufacturer, we have lots of manufacturing experiences and also have several experienced sample masters who are best at manufacturing custom leather bags and custom leather handbags that exceed your expectations. We are a manufacturer of custom made leather bags and custom made leather handbags, therefore we tell our clients all about the design of their bags and discuss leather choices, logo craft, delivery times, packaging details, etc. so that every aspect becomes visible. All of this comes together to make sure the finished leather bags is up to our client’s standards and are the quality our client’s customers expect. As leather bag makers and handbag makers, once all bags are manufactured and also during production, we perform a quality checking process, that makes our clients have more trust in our leather craftsmanship.

True Trident Leather is a full-service custom leather bags manufacturer and custom leather handbags manufacturer, dedicated to providing only brands with the highest level of craftsmanship available. As leather bags manufacturer and leather handbags manufacturer in India, our bag production line has the most modern equipment to ensure leather bags is perfect and will last the test of time. Being leather private label bags and private label handbags manufacturer, we can capture the essence of our client’s ideas and manufacturer leather bags that match the required look and feel of the brand. This has been made possible through our experience of working with companies of different sizes and manufacturing different styles of leather bags as per our worldwide client’s requirements for which we have engineered completely new production processes to achieve the required bags design specification.