Leather Purse Manufacturer

True Trident Leather is leather purse manufacturer and leather clutch manufacturer in India and also doing export all over the world. These days it is important to carry stylish ladies’ purse and clutch on special occasions and this increases more demand for designer leather purse and clutch. We use high-quality leather for manufacturing purses and clutches which ranges from extremely soft to hard leather as per design. We manufacturer leather purses and clutches in all quality ranging from premium to economical as per buyers needs to fulfil buyers demands. Our manufacturing goal is to manufacture high quality leather purses and leather clutches with 100% export capacity.

Different Styles of Leather Purse and Leather Clutch

Leather Long Purse

Long Purse

Leather Zipper Pouch

Zipper Pouch

Leather Wristlet

Wristlet Purse

Leather Bracelet Purse

Bracelet Purse


Kiss Lock Clutch

Leather Turnlock Clutch

Turn Lock Clutch


Envelope Clutch


Fold Over Clutch

True Trident Leather is a custom leather purses manufacturer and private label leather purses manufacturer. And also, we are custom leather clutch manufacturer and private label leather clutch manufacturer. Where our clients can customize the design of leather purses and clutches as per their requirements and also get their brand logo embossed on the purses and clutches. As a leather purse maker, we work with details that require a steady hand from cutting leather, sewing each piece and attaching zippers and hardware to manufacture an impeccable leather purse and leather clutch. Most importantly, as a custom purse manufacturer, it requires people who care deeply about their work.

Collection of Women Leather Purses

Leather Purse Design #PRP001


Leather Purse Design #PRP002