Private Label Leather Products Manufacturer

True Trident Leather is a custom leather manufacturing company that also produces private label leather goods. As private label leather manufacturer, we work with designers, established brands, start-ups and boutique owners as their manufacturing partners. If you are looking for a reliable, quality leather manufacturer for business and lifestyle leather goods under your brand name, then we can help you establish your presence and broaden your assortment in the leather goods market.

private label leather goods

True Trident Leather is a custom embossed leather manufacturer and we have the availability of a wide range of leather products on which we will engrave your brand logo as YOUR LOGO IS OUR SPECIALITY. As a private label leather manufacturer, the following is the list of leather products that we make under the private label :–

  • Leather Dog Collars
  • Leather Dog Leashes
  • Leather Dog Harness
  • Leather Dog Muzzle
  • Leather Bracelets
  • Leather Necklaces
  • Leather Earrings
  • Leather Trays
  • Leather Pillow Covers
  • Leather Poufs
  • Leather Blanket Carrier
  • Leather Napkin Rings
  • Leather Coasters
  • Leather Placemats
  • Leather Baskets
  • Leather Bins
  • Leather Wall Pockets
  • Leather Wall Straps
  • Leather Key Rings and Key Cases
  • Leather Badge and Id Holders
  • Leather Wine Bags
  • Leather Portfolio
  • Leather Camera Straps
  • Leather Watch Straps
  • Leather Luggage Tags
  • Leather Bookmarks
  • Leather Bookends
  • Leather Mouse Pads and Desk Pads
  • Leather Journal and Notebook Covers
  • Leather Cigarette and Cigar Cases
  • Leather Sunglasses Cases
  • Leather iPad Cases
  • Leather Phone Cases
  • Leather Air Pods Cases
  • Leather Pen Cases
  • Leather Dice Bags
  • Leather Caps and Hats
  • Leather Tool Belts
  • Leather Tool Kit Rolls
  • Leather Travel Organizer
  • Leather Cords

Private label leather goods are the best option for businesses that want to make their leather brand shine as it saves you the time and cost of purchasing raw materials, setting up a factory and all other day to day production costs. As a private label leather manufacturer, we will do all the heavy lifting work for you like designing, manufacturing leather products and custom leather engraving, and you will be happy to choose us. Our private label leather goods are made by our artisans who carefully work on every small area and achieve complete look and style.

custom embossed leather
private label leather manufacturer

Private Label Leather Laser Engraving

Leather laser engraving is digital ways to emboss a logo or design on any leather item made of leather. With a customized machine for leather laser engraving, we can easily create custom engraved leather products. At True Trident Leather, all custom embossed leather goods manufactured by us are crafted from the finest leather in one of the most iconic and long-running tanneries in India. If you want to launch your own leather goods brand, there is no better private label leather manufacturer than True Trident Leather.

leather laser engraving

True Trident Leather is a custom engraved leather manufacturer so we do laser engraving on leather products which adds a very unique look to personalize an item. There is no room for errors and we will deliver exactly what was ordered as we use multiple manufacturing processes to meet quality expectations. As a custom leather engraving company, our leather laser engraving has a unique look and feel.

custom engraved leather
custom leather engraving

Leather laser engraving is done with the help of a high-precision laser beam and the laser evaporates a thin layer of the leather surface. For leather, the result is a dark textured logo or design on the surface of the leather item. We are a custom embossed leather manufacturer and we guarantee that we will be accurate and punctual in our custom leather engraving work. If you are interested in working with us, please do not hesitate to contact us, so that we can work immediately.